Sports injuries

Sport is not only an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but also the performance requirement of recreational athletes, which is sometimes indistinguishable from professional athletes. Although sport offers many advantages, unfortunately injuries can also occur in the process. At Sporthopaedic Hamburg, we offer comprehensive treatments and consultations for a wide range of sports injuries and illnesses.

We particularly recommend a sports consultation for:

  • Training beginners: For people who are new to sport, professional advice can help prevent injury and ensure they follow a suitable and effective training plan.
  • People after a long break from sport: After a break, your body may need more time to adjust to the demands of exercise. Sports counselling can help you get back into shape without injuring yourself.
  • People after serious illnesses: Sport can play an important role in rehabilitation after serious illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes or lung diseases. Professional sports counselling can help to positively influence the course of the disease, reduce discomfort, and restore the ability to work.
  • Amateur athletes or competitive athletes: For this group, it is crucial to know their performance limits and to optimise their training. Professional sports counselling can help to improve performance and prevent injuries.

At Sporthopaedic Hamburg, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures to determine the type and severity of sports injuries. We are trained in the latest treatment procedures to ensure effective recovery. In addition, we also offer preventive advice to avoid future injuries.

How you benefit:

Our goal is to support you in maintaining and increasing your physical performance. Through individual performance diagnostics and training advice, we help you to ensure effective and safe training. Our approach applies evidence-based methods and aims to get you back on track quickly and safely. In doing so, we provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve optimal athletic performance while ensuring your health and safety.