How does an initial consultation proceed?

We take as much time as necessary for the initial consultation, there is NO time pressure!

When you first present yourself at Sporthopaedic Hamburg, the initial consultation is the starting point of your individual treatment journey. In this crucial phase, we aim to obtain a comprehensive picture of your current health situation and your specific goals.

Prior to the initial consultation, we ask you to complete and submit our online medical history form. The information collected in it forms the basis of our preliminary assessment and helps us to organise your appointment effectively and efficiently.

Your initial consultation begins with an in-depth discussion about your health history, your current symptoms and complaints, and your personal goals and expectations. This helps us to understand your individual needs and priorities.

Following the consultation, we perform a comprehensive physical examination to identify the source of your discomfort. Depending on your symptoms and needs, this examination may include a leg axis and spine measurement, digital volume tomography (DVT), foot pressure point analysis/dynamic gait analysis, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), neuromuscular analysis, vital nutrients analysis, and/or a range of other specialised diagnostic procedures.

We create an individual treatment plan based on the results of the examination and the information from the medical history form. This plan takes into account your individual needs and goals and includes both conservative and innovative therapy methods, such as equipment medicine, exercise therapy, regenerative therapy with CHondroGrid® (hydrolysed collagen) or stem cell therapy, as well as special rehabilitation programmes for postoperative care.

We make a point of explaining this treatment plan to you in detail and ensuring that you fully understand the proposed therapies, their benefits and potential risks. Your active participation and understanding are key components to successful treatment.

Our philosophy at Sporthopaedic Hamburg is to guide you on your path to better health and optimised performance. We look forward to welcoming you and working with you towards achieving your personal goals. Your initial consultation is the first step on this path.

IMPORTANT! Medical history form

Please complete and submit online. We would like to ask you to complete and submit our medical history form online for your first appointment. Click here for the medical history form: