Medical practice consulting / Partner model

Sporthopaedic Hamburg Partnermodell

We offer a comprehensive partnership model with advice on medical practice procedures, staffing, billing, space allocation/use and insurance communication for your medical practice, based on our decades of orthopaedic and medical experience rather than a non-specialist management company.

Our partnership options do not require a panel doctor and are designed to be flexible to meet a variety of needs. We offer everything from consultancy and training services only to full partnership where we bear half of the investment.

Our consultancy models are aimed at both existing medical practices with a patient base looking to optimise and absolute start-ups without premises. We provide you with specific advice on all aspects – from location analysis, the search for suitable premises, financing, room layout, conversions, equipment, furnishings, staff acquisition, IT with software and hardware, to staff training, billing training with ready-made numerical chains, and correspondence with insurance companies.

Sporthopaedic Hamburg Partnermodell

In partnership with Sporthopaedic Hamburg, you have the opportunity to work at the highest medical level, supported by the best diagnostic tools and evidence-based therapies. Our methods and therapies offer a wide variety of conservative applications to suit each individual patient. The result is a patient-centred model in which the patient remains in your medical practice from initial contact until full recovery.

The majority of therapies are provided as delegable services by trained sports scientists, allowing you to truly focus on your medical activities.

Our consultancy services include:

Inspection and analysis of your existing medical practice: we evaluate your current equipment, medical practice procedures and billing for GOÄ and self-pay services over the last 12 months.

Development of an individual efficiency improvement concept: we draw up specific proposals for improving processes and optimising billing, staff deployment, and communication with insurance companies.

Optional permanent consulting: we provide support on issues related to billing, staffing, insurance communication, and equipment.

Training of existing staff: we train your staff on delivering therapy, background knowledge, indications and billing.

Please note that we cannot assume IT implementation in the existing medical practice software system, but we are happy to offer assistance in discussions with your software supervisor.

With Sporthopaedic Hamburg at your side, you can be sure that your medical practice is on its way to achieving the highest possible degree of efficiency and patient satisfaction.”