Our osteopath, Gregor Strebel, brings extensive expertise and experience to the medical practice, which helps to increase the quality of treatment for our patients. Often the causes of numerous musculoskeletal disorders and problems lie in altered biomechanics of the pelvic joints and the base of the spine (sacrum). These complexities and apparently therapy-resistant problems can arise from the biomechanical interactions of joints, muscles and ligaments.

At Sporthopaedic Hamburg, we have developed a medical diagnosis and therapy concept in collaboration with Gregor Strebel that aims to uncover and sustainably remedy these disorders in the postural and musculoskeletal system. Our understanding of osteopathy is firmly anchored in sports medicine. We therefore ask you to refrain from requests such as “I think my joint needs to be reset”.

Gregor Strebel

Gregor Strebel has an impressive career in the field of sports medicine. His stations include:

In professional football:

  • Performance diagnostics at Hamburger SV (HSV), for the U23 and U19 teams
  • Personal consultant at VfL Wolfsburg (1st Bundesliga)
  • Assistant coach of the U23 team of VfL Wolfsburg (Regionalliga Nord)
  • Assistant coach and youth coordinator at VfB Lübeck (3rd Bundesliga)

In competitive sport:

  • Sportmedizinisches Therapeuticum Hamburg
  • Management and Sports Medicine at Alstermed / Alsterdiagnostik
  • Institute for Sports Medicine at the University of Hamburg

With this impressive career, Gregor Strebel brings extensive knowledge and experience to the Sporthopaedic Hamburg medical practice, which benefits our patients. He understands the complex interactions between joints, muscles and ligaments, and how these influence the overall picture of musculoskeletal health. With this knowledge, he can offer tailor-made osteopathic treatments to suit the specific needs and conditions of each individual patient.